17 July 2006

Just Annoyed

I'm making shrugs very similar to the pink ones that I made for my girls... these are to be auctioned off at next year's preschool fundraiser. In my head, these were one-skein wonders, but my memory has failed me because in reality, these definitely require two skeins.

So back to JoAnn's I went this morning, to buy another skein of each color, and in the space of three weeks since I bought the first yarn, they have changed it around so, for the same price as the 3 oz skein, you're now buying a 2.5 oz skein.

This makes me grumpy.

09 July 2006

Progress and FO!

I have finished the front (which may turn out to be the back, as the pieces are identical, and there is a tiny, visible-only-to-me mistake near the bottom edge) of the KAL sweater... it's turning out gorgeous, if I do say so myself, but even though I am knitting to gauge, it's going to be huge on the intended wearer. I think most 2-year-olds must be a lot bigger than mine. I suppose I should just be thankful my girls got the tall, skinny-supermodel genes from their daddy's side of the family. We're all short-rounds on my side.

And when I needed a crochet hook in order to bind off, I had to search through all my project bags to find the one with the right size. It was in with the Kittyville hat I started for my older daughter at the end of April. It was all loose ends and only needed one more ear to be completely finished. So before I bound off the first piece of the sweater, I finished the Kittyville hat. Go me! (And apologies for the blurred out face... I know it's a little creepy looking, but better safe than sorry. Hope you understand.)

04 July 2006

Happy Freaking Camper

Today, I scored. My most excellent husband came through for me and got me exactly what was on my birthday wish list. Did I mention it was my birthday??? I won't bore you with the non-knitting details, because I know that what will interest you most is that I am now the proud owner of a set of brand-new Denise Interchangeable Needles.

And I suppose this next part makes me a bad person, because even though I have several items in various states of progress already (Kittyville hat, Suss Cousins' mohair wrap, and the sweater I'm making my daughter for a KAL), I simply had to try out my new present. So I cast on for a kids' hat, using whatever was handy at my Mom's house (which turned out to be Caron One Pound 100% Acrylic No Dye Lot yarn--sigh).

Yarn snobbery aside, these needles are just amazing. I'm a better knitter already... I tried the trick where the right needle is sized to the appropriate gauge, but the left needle is the smallest of the bunch, and I can knit so fast. My stitches are uniform and beautiful. No photos to share--I would have to put down my knitting in order to get the camera!

I am so happy right now. I wish I could bottle this feeling. (And be able to apply it liberally the next time I realize I dropped a stitch about 43 rows ago.)