27 March 2006

How Lucky Is This?

I just finished up the first hank of the Wrap Cardigan... ended a row with just inches to spare. (This never happens to me.) I may go out and buy a lottery ticket.

Now it's time to figure out if I'm likely to finish this project with the remaining 5 hanks.

25 March 2006

What I'm Doing While I Should Be Working Out

My little noisemakers (umm... I mean, "beautiful daughters") are sleeping at last. I should be (a) working, (b) cleaning the house, (c) doing our taxes, or (d) working off those last 4 pounds, but instead, I am doing something much more satisfying: creating my knitting blog. Having only been knitting since last November, I haven't exactly paid my dues yet, so maybe I don't deserve a blog of my very own... but I'm guessing the Blog Police are busy with other, more significant blogging offenders and I can just slide on by.

More soon. Gotta go tinker with the look-and-feel, and after that, some light reading. Got a whole series of knitting books by the side o' the bed... a little try-before-I-buy, if you will.