04 November 2006

There has been much knitting of late...

...but little posting. This could have something to do with the fact that I have a full time job, a contract job, am on the board at my kids' preschool, am researching and touring kindergartens for next year, have a house to (hah) clean, and oh yeah, two girls and a husband to take care of. Oh, and let's not forget the Halloween costumage (the girls went as Dora the Explorer, both of them, so obviously Daddy had to be Boots the Monkey Buddy and Mommy was Backpack).

Knitting has been keeping me sane... I am so thankful that I taught myself to knit just this time last year. My skills have improved to the point of low-intermediate knitter-ness, and I can now knit continental, and can knit to gauge almost all the time.

In the last few months I've made two kid-size shrugs which will be auctioned off next March at the preschool fundraiser, as well as a gorgeous boatneck sweater for the baby (on that one, the stitches are so uniform it looks machine knit, if I do say so myself). I've been working the My So Called Scarf in Malabrigo merino, which is to-die-for soft; this is for an internet friend (acquaintance?) who is making me a beaded something-or-other and I want to surprise her. Oh, and lately I've been knitting various colors of Knitty's Fetching for winter gifts. Cabling, go me!

The Suss Cousins wrap cardigan is still going, ever so slowly, but I did finally get to the bind-off/cast-on which forms the first armscye, and am now plodding along the back. The work is much faster using metal circular needles, but the ones I have are hell on my hands. So I'm using the Denises instead, and it's not as fast (mohair against plastic) but at least my hands don't kill afterward. I'm still not sure I'm going to like the finished project, so my plan is to finish it by February and be able to auction it off if I decide I look like Violet Beauregard in it.

Someday I'm going to knit the Simple Knitted Bodice, which has the v-neck and the empire line that makes short, round girls like me look slightly less round and slightly less torso-impaired, but it will have to wait until I can figure out a yarn that substitutes nicely for the Tilli Tomas silk. So far the ones I've seen look best made up in the Tilli Tomas, but maybe there is something less costly out there that I haven't yet seen.

So no photos as of yet but maybe someday I will get to that item on my to do list. I'm sure it's on there somewhere.